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State Street Planning: The Boulevard Approach
State Street Planning: The Boulevard Approach
Do you support transforming State Street into a boulevard?
State Street Planning: The Boulevard Approach

Based on public input, design solutions for State Street are emerging. Do you support transforming State Street into a “boulevard” without losing vehicular capacities, adding alternative modes of transportation and improving the pedestrian experience? Please review the Description, Topic Details, attached PDF and watch the video and cast your vote.

The Boulevard Approach
In order to achieve the community goals and objectives for the future of the State Street corridor, a boulevard approach is being evaluated. This approach, which includes a combination of boulevards, multi-way boulevards, transit corridors, bicycle facilities and pedestrian connectivity, will result in a corridor that provides mobility for all modes of transportation, is community oriented, family-friendly and multifaceted. This strategy has the potential to address the project goals and objectives and provide the following benefits.
• Integrate, offer and encourage alternative modes of transportation including pedestrian use, bicycle traffic and transit to reduce automobile trips

• Separate local and through movement vehicular traffic within multi-way boulevard applications therefore reducing vehicular friction and improving safety. The local lane will help slow traffic and encourage street frontage and walkable retail.

• Consolidate driveway entrances to improve pedestrian safety and reduce vehicular turning conflicts

• Improve pedestrian connectivity and safety by separating pedestrian corridors from high-speed traffic lanes with lower speed local lanes, on-street parking, boulevard park strips, consolidated driveway entrances and safety zones at crosswalks

• Reduce pedestrian crossing distances across State Street to improve pedestrian safety and improve traffic signal operations and timing

•Create a catalyst for economic development and growth by creating a more attractive street frontage for diversified land use and growth patterns
Beautify the corridor by creating aesthetic enhancement opportunities

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